1.How is the price structure set out?

Ans: See the Page called Our Price Structure

2. Is the price per person or per property?
Ans: It is per property, per week.

3. Are there any “hidden extras”?
Ans: See the Important Information and Price Structure pages

4. Is bed linen provided?
Ans: Only if so stated in any individual property description. Otherwise you need to bring sheets, pillow cases, towels and tea-towels.

5. The property I’ve chosen says “No pet allowed” will they make an exception?
Ans: Under no circumstances are holidaymakers allowed to bring a pet to a property that says “No Pet.” Sorry.

6. How up-to-date is your on-line availability list?
It is updated with EVERY booking we accept or EVERY cancellation we receive.

7. Can we actually book on-line?
ANS; Yes. simply follow the links and you will be taken to an on-line form which gets processed through a secure server.

8. How can I pay for the holiday I’ve chosen?
ANS: The quickest way is with your credit or debit card.

9. The property I want says it is for 6 people, there are 8 of us. We don’t mind squeezing in, are we allowed?
ANS: Insurance smallprint does not allow “overloading” Sorry